PRODALLIANCE LIMITED group of companies develops agricultural projects in Russia. The main assets of the company are located in the Rostov and Volgograd Regions (Russia). The company is headquartered in Singapore, its Russian representative office is in Moscow.

The group manages OOO "Don Agro" (Rostov Region, Russia) and OOO "Volgo-Agro" (Volgograd Region, Russia).


Total land bank of the companies, managed by the group, accedes 62,500 hectares with 52,500 hectares of cropland. In addition to grain harvesting, OOO “Don Agro” is the largest dairy farming operation in the Rostov Region with the total herd of 3,927 heads out of which 2,020 are dairy cows.

Among the main priorities of the company is increasing milk production by means of constructing a modern dairy complex in the Rostov region (for up to 20,000 dairy cows).