PRODALLIANCE LIMITED group of companies develops agricultural projects in Russia. The main assets of the company are located in Rostov Oblast and Volgograd Oblast. The company is headquartered in Singapore, its Russian representative office is in Moscow.


The group operates Don Agro LLC (Rostov Oblast, Russia) and Volgo-Agro LLC (Volgograd Oblast, Russia).


Total land bank of the companies, operated by the group, accedes 68,000 hectares with 56,500 hectares of cropland. Together with growing crops, the companies of the group are engaged in dairy cattle husbandry. The population of the cattle amounts to 3,991 heads with 1,682 heads of the herd fed with forage.


The group's strategic targets are to develop dairy cattle husbandry, to build modern dairy units in Penza Oblast and Sakhalin, to increase the milking herd up to 20,000 heads in Rostov Oblast and 4,800 heads in Sakhalin.