Geography of the assets

A distinctive feature of Millerovo region is its developed transport infrastructure. 
There is a M-4 DON federal highway virtually going through the center of the region. The highway is 57 kilometers long and runs the length of the region. 


Don Agro enterprise is located within 20-30 km from a federal highway. Apart from that, regional highways Millerovo-Veshenskaya and Millerovo-Lugansk (to the border with the Ukraine) run through the region, as well as 240.8 km of regional and 21.8 rural roads. Millerovo is an important railroad hub on the track Moscow-Baku, connecting central part of Russia with North Caucasus. 


The region is located in the area of southern black soil (chernozem) distribution with southern clay black soil and heavy loamy black soil based on loess-like clay and loam as the most wide spread. Hummus-accumulating horizon is 65-71 cm on average. The hummus content in the plowing layer is 4.5-5.3%. In the river valleys there are mostly meadow-black soil with 80-90 cm hummus accumulating horizons and 5-7% of hummus content.


The climate in the region is moderately continental and dry. Average annual precipitation over the last 10 years is 481 mm. 

Soil and climate conditions of the region are favorable for crop growing. 

The enterprise comprises the following departments: 7 barn floors, 6 dairy farms (two farms with 600 heads of cattle each, two farms with 300 heads of cattle each and two farms with 200 heads of cattle each, fuel, oil and lubricant storage, grain storage facilities and inventories.