Income Statement Highlights

Gross Profit5,9136,7479,062


  • Strong performance in FY2016 due to (i) higher harvest yields; and (ii) increase in size of milking cows and gross milk yield
  • Significant part of harvest in FY2016 was sold in FY2016 due to higher prices of most crops in FY2016



  • Late harvest of corn and sunflower in FY2017, low corn yield and quality due to weather conditions. A significant portion of harvest in FY2017 was sold in HY2018 due to lower price in FY2017
  • Revenue from diary production increased in FY2017 due to (i) increase in size of milking cow; (ii) higher gross milk yield; and (iii) higher raw milk prices.

Balance Sheet Highlights

(S$’000)FY2016FY2017 FY2018
Current assets16,61220,69519,986
Non-Current assets18,10321,13818,824
Total assets34,71541,83338,810
Current Liabilities3,33914,0348,068
Non-Current Liabilities11,6763191,298
Total liabilities15,01514,3539,366
Net Current Assets13,2736,66111,918
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