Don Agro International achieves an all-time record wheat harvest of 89,107 tonnes – 23.2% growth year-on-year

  • The Group recorded an increase of 16,807 tonnes of harvested wheat as compared to 2021
  • Investment in fertilizers and harvest equipment contributed to the all-time record wheat harvest

Singapore, September 8, 2022 – Don Agro International Limited (the “Company” or “Don Agro”) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) are pleased to announce completion of the 2022 winter wheat harvest, which has gone up by 16.8 thousand tonnes compared to 2021.

The Group’s 2022 wheat harvest is 89,107 tonnes, 23.2% more than the 72,300 tonnes in 2021 and 37.3% more than the 64,923 tonnes in 2020. 75,321 tonnes of the 2022 harvest were produced by Don Agro LLC in the Rostov Region and 13,786 tonnes were harvested by Volgo-Agro LLC in the Volgograd Region.

The winter wheat yield produced by the Group in the Rostov Region is 3.75 tonnes per hectare, which is 0.4 tonnes more than the average rate achieved by other agricultural companies in the same area as publicly reported by the relevant local district authority. In order for this agricultural season to accommodate the world’s rising demand for grain, the Group increased its planted acreage of winter wheat by 4.7% from 24,032 hectares in 2021 to 25,157 hectares in 2022. For this harvest season, 180 vehicles, including 58 grain harvesters, were involved in making sure the wheat was gathered in efficiently and in a timely manner.

Mr Marat Devlet-Kildeyev, Don Agro International CEO, comments, “Over the years, we have been expanding our land area and improving our yield, with the single goal of producing a bigger harvest. Last year, we added 4,100 hectares of land by acquiring Rav Agro-Rost LLC, which led to a record winter wheat harvest of 72,300 tonnes. This year, the team worked hard to improve yields and achieved an all-time-high winter wheat harvest of 89,100 tonnes. Our team made this possible by planning meticulously, investing in high quality fertilizers and purchasing six new harvesters, which reduced spoilage. We intend to continue upgrading our equipment in our efforts to raise our production level by the year”

This year, the Group continued implementing its ESG strategy. The acreage planted to organic wheat has quadrupled from 11.0 hectares to 44.0 hectares and the no-till farming area has increased from 7,200 hectares to 7,600 hectares.