Large Land Bank

We operate in the Rostov region which generally has a stable and predictable weather condition with precipitation levels of approximately 450mm to 500mm per year which is favourable for the cultivation of our main commercial crops, namely, winter wheat and sunflower. The Rostov region is rich in black soils and has favourable geographic location due to close proximity to the Azov Sea and Black Sea and Don River international ports where the terminals of international grain traders/exporters such as Cargill, Bunge, Glencore, Louis Dreyfus are located. The Rostov region is also one of the most fertile regions of Russia.


Leading crop and dairy farming business in the Rostov region

We firmly believe that our success in crop and dairy farming may be attributed to our experienced, structured and hands-on farm management practices to maximise our yields and produce high quality crop and milk. These practices range from no-till farming for our crop business and the insemination and breeding process and our herd management which include animal nutrition and milking techniques for our dairy business.


In addition, our dairy business is supported by two (2) large-scale milk processors near our dairy operations in the Rostov region, where there is a shortage of milk production.


Strong management team

Our management team consists of experienced industry executives with a clear long-term vision of our business and future plans. Our key management team comprising our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer have been with our Group since the acquisition of Don Agro LLC in 2012. Our management team is supported by operational leaders who have extensive experience in the day-to-day operations of our crop fields, dairy farms and all other aspects of our business and who are integral to our success. Consequently, we have established efficient and effective protocols, such as well-built and transparent sales and purchasing systems and technologically-aided quality management systems. Our team also employs the use of modern machinery, equipment and software to enhance our operations and workflow.


In addition to our experience and expertise in the local Russian market, our management team, in particular, our Executive Chairman, Evgeny Tugolukov, and our Chief Executive Officer, Marat Devlet-Kildeyev, have extensive experience with international businesses. With their experience, our Group has implemented high level of corporate governance and management standards to ensure our business and operations are conducted with transparency and accountability.


Strong relationships with our customers and suppliers

We have established a reputation as a reliable producer of good quality grain and raw milk as demonstrated by our customers’ repeat participations in our tenders for our products. We have also built strong rapport with our suppliers which allows us to source for good quality seeds and fertilisers from established brands and provides us with competitive prices for quality products and timely delivery.

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