Crop production is one of our core businesses and all of our arable land is located in the Rostov region, which is one of the most fertile regions of Russia, and is 220 km away from the Azov Sea and Don River international ports. This allows our customers, who are primarily traders and exporters, to save on transportation costs and, as a result, be able to offer higher prices for our crops. We are primarily engaged in the farming of commercial crops such as winter wheat, sunflower, sorghum, corn and flax.


Our grain production is executed based on modern agricultural technologies and our Group also employs modern madern machinery and equipment manufactured by John Deere, New Holland and Claas Jaguar to improve our efficiency and productivity.


We have eight grain storage facilities with total grain storage capacity of up to 63,000 tonnes, all of which are typically fully utilised from July to January. Our grain storage facilities are located in our Northern, Western and Eastern production divisions.


We sell our agricultural produce primarily to grain traders and exporters on a tender basis where key international and local traders are invited.

Type of cropsDescriptions
Winter wheatWinter wheat is a strain of wheat that is planted in the autumn to germinate and develop into young plants that remain in the vegetative phase during the winter and resume growth in early spring. Winter wheat is mainly used in food and animal fodder production and has a high yield potential.
SunflowerSunflower is generally used as a raw material in the production of sunflower oil, which sees a high demand in the food industry.
CornCorn is an annual cereal grass plant that has several uses. It is used as livestock feed, biofuel, staple food and raw materials. Corn is a major food globally that is widely used. There are various commercial classifications for corn based mainly on the texture of the kernel. Some classifications are dent corn, flour corn, sweet corn, flint corn and popcorn. Corn is also harvested as fodder for our dairy’s operations.
SorghumSorghum is a cereal grain plant that is also known as milo. There are several varieties of sorghum and different variety has their own use. For example, grain sorghums are used for food, grass sorghums are used for hay and fodder and broomcorn are used to make brooms and brushes. The sorghum grain is gluten-free and can be used as a substitute of wheat.
FlaxFlax is an annual herbaceous plant that is adaptable to a variety of soil. It is cultivated for its fibre and seeds. The fibre of the plant can be made into linen yarn and fabric. The seed is regarded as a health food globally due to its high dietary fibre and omega-3 fatty acid content. The seed can be used directly for human consumption or be processed into cooking oil.
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