Major Customers
CompanyProduct% of total sales (2017)% of total sales (HY2018)
Voronezh Dairy PlantMilk31.546.0
Aston JSCCrops2.421.6
Zolotaya Semechka LLCCrops0.921.3
Grain Service LtdCrops38.82.8


Major Suppliers
CompanyProduct% of total sales (2017)% of total sales (HY2018)
Avgust JSCChemicals7.218.8
Avers LtdSeeds6.114.1
RosAgroTrade LtdFertilizers6.4-
EcoNiva LtdSpare parts5.0-

We have developed and established long-standing relationships and goodwill with many of our customers and suppliers. We have established a reputation as a reliable producer of good quality grain and raw milk as demonstrated by our customers’ repeat participations in our tenders for our products.


We have also built strong rapport with our suppliers which allows us to source for good quality seeds and fertilisers from established brands and provides us with competitive prices for quality products and timely delivery.


Our Directors believe that the continued support from both our customers and suppliers will enable us to continue to produce high quality agricultural produce and raw milk which is highly sought after in the market.