We place great emphasis on quality control and have implemented strict monitoring and quality control systems to manage our operations and to ensure the safety and quality of our raw milk. We attach electronic tags on our cows and have electronic records on each of our cows showing its weight, milk yield, parentage and history of insemination recorded in our Selex software. Every year, our cows will be vaccinated against the common diseases such as FMD, brucellosis, bovine TB and bovine paratuberculosis which cows are prone to be infected. Our control over the quality and health of our dairy cows and our efforts to keep a clean-living environment for our cows enable us to produce high quality raw milk with low microbe count and low somatic cell count. We analyse the quality of our raw milk, in terms of the fat percentage, protein percentage and somatic cells percentage, on a daily basis. Milk from cows which are sick or have been treated with antibiotics is stored in a separate container to avoid contamination.


For our crop business, all raw materials, chemicals and seeds are laboratory-tested for harmful substances prior to usage. We also regularly send specimens of our grain to specialised laboratories for analysis on parameters such as the protein level, humidity, density, and percentage of waste. During the tender process, our customers take specimens of our grain for their own testings. In addition, we are required by Russian law to obtain a quarantine certificate for each truck of crop transported. Prior to the issue of such quarantine certificate(s), a government official will inspect our crop fields and take samples of the harvested grain to ensure that there are no harmful substances. We also despatch our agronomists to the fields to monitor the well-being of our crops and lands throughout the cultivation process.

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