Our employees play an important role in our organisation. Hence we recognise our responsibilities to our employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate, and are committed to achieving long-term mutually sustainable relationships with these stakeholders. Our employees are important assets to the organisation and we strive to enhance our corporate social responsibility through the following initiatives:


  • Contributing to community institutions such as nursing homes and music school
  • Providing financial aid to our employees who are war veterans
  • Providing New Year gifts to our employees and their families


Staff training – Our staff training is typically conducted internally by our senior management and the various heads of department at our premises. We also engage external trainers who are highly qualified experts in their respective fields to conduct training several times a year in order to improve the knowledge and technical skills of our employees where appropriate.

The training that we provide includes:


  • Orientation training for new employees to educate them on company policies and basic technical skills and knowledge;
  • Technical skills training, including the necessary technical skills and knowledge for the operation of new machinery and equipment, is conducted on an ongoing basis for our employees depending on their respective job functions; and
  • Mandatory safety regulations training, including the safe handling of raw milk and the how to operate machinery and equipment safely, is conducted on an ongoing basis for our employees depending on their respective job functions.
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