Don Agro International starts harvesting of winter wheat

  • Greater acreage of winter wheat and sunflowers planted for 2022
  • Favourable weather for the growing season in spring 2022 conducive for harvest yield
  • Price of winter wheat hit a 14-year high in 2022[1]

Singapore, 19 July 2022 – Don Agro International Limited (the “Company” or “Don Agro”) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”), is pleased to announce the beginning of the first harvesting campaign in 2022.

Harvesting of winter wheat is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks depending on the weather. For this agricultural season, the Group has increased the acreage for winter wheat by 4.7% from 24,032 hectares to 25,157 hectares while the acreage for sunflower has increased by 7.9% from 10,168 hectares to 10,970 hectares.

Don Agro’s agronomists also concur that the weather conditions for winter wheat are favorable in 2022 as moisture reserves in the soil provide ideal conditions for crops’ growth and harvest.[2]

The Group’s Chief Agronomist Mr Ivan Kalaytanov commented, “For last year’s harvest, the winter wheat sown in the second half of 2020 sprouted later in winter due to lesser rain and the crops had less abundant flowering. Even then, we had an all-time high harvest.

This year, we had some concerns earlier over the impact of spring frost on the winter wheat that were sown in the second half of 2021. However the plants have proven to be resilient and overcame the cold. We are pleased with the growing conditions and expect the harvest in 2022 to be fruitful as well.”

Despite the harvesting campaign for sunflowers and corn traditionally starting in autumn, these crops that were sown in spring have already sprouted as well.

In 2021, the Group harvested 72,300 tonnes of winter wheat which was an improvement of 11.3% over 2020. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) report[3], international wheat prices fell by 5.7% in June 2022 but remained 48.5% above their values a year ago. The decline in June was driven by seasonal availability from new harvests in the northern hemisphere, improved crop conditions in some major producing countries, and higher production prospects in the Russian Federation.

As for sunflowers, Don Agro’s 2021 harvest was 7.2% higher than 2020 at 18,949 tonnes. The harvest for 2022 is also expected to be good with the increase in acreage.